Sunday, September 4, 2011

Love Jones Word of the Day

The Love Jones Word of the Day:

Don't make excuses for a love that's not right for you. While you are steady trying to fit a round peg into a square hole the person has ACTUALLY got tired of YOU and moved on with their life. Stop trying to make romance with someone that is not looking for romance with you. If your description of them is full of “if onlys” it isn’t love. If you are waiting for them to DO something and yearning for them in your life when they have clearly stated they are not interested, it isn’t love. It’s obsession. Or perceived ownership...Or some other foolishness that is going to leave you brokenhearted or mad as hell when it doesn’t work out. Because it won’t. You can't drag a person to the top of your love mountain. They must be willing to climb and take the journey on their own. The point is: Live. Love yourself and stop trying to force another to love you. Don't guilt a person, stress a person or suffocate a person that is clearly not meant for you. Some people are not meant to be your lover they are meant to only be your friend. Know the difference!

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